Tips to Increase Your Blogs Reader Count

I’ve found this article at, and I think this is one of the best “HowTo” articles for bloggers… I’ve copypasted it here completely, because I know that good articles used to disappear…

It is best to folow these tips step by step starting from the top.

  1. Get a good domain name
    First of all if you are serious about blogging, get a good domain name that’s easy to remember. It will help people spread the word about your blog more easily.
  2. Write an About page
    Before you start blogging, create an “About” page and link it to every page on your blog. The “About” page must describe not only about you but also about what your blog is really about.The page should be able to provide visitors with compelling reasons to come back so as to convert them into regular readers.
  3. Write Tutorial articles
    Tutorial articles are standard articles that are aimed to teach your readers something. These articles form the foundation of your blog and become the main drivers of traffic to your blog. You must post a minimum of one Tutorial article per week.At the end of the month collect these articles and put them on one page called “top posts” and link it to every page. This page will provide a reason to casual readers to come back again and subscribe to your feed.
  4. Write a minimum of one post per day
    Every post you publish need not be a Tutorial article but you must update your blog daily with atleast one short article. This creates a feeling among first time readers that your blog is always updated and they are likely to come back again and subscribe to your feed.Blogs with a lot of readers need not be updated daily as their readers will be more forgiving even if they update once per week.But this is not true for new blogs that have few readers. They have to post as much as possible to keep their readers. 

    Important - Before taking a look at the next step, continue posting Tutorial articles and regular short articles for a few weeks.

  5. Comment on similar blogsOnce you have enough Tutorial articles and other short articles, you are ready to expose your new blog to the world. Start by finding readers by commenting on blogs with similar content to that of yours since the readers there will be more likely to be interested in your blog.You are likely to get more readers if your comment is relevant and valuable to what is being discussed on that blog. Comments such as “nice blog,visit mine” will not help you much. And please do not spam other blogs. That will only make your blog look bad.
  6. Link to other blogs
    When you write an article and link to another blogger’s post, a truncated summary of your article is left on their post usually in the form of a comment called trackback. This is very useful as it helps you gain readers and the attention of the blogger you linked to.The other blogger is most likely to visit your blog to find what you wrote about their post. If your content is good, they might become one of your blog’s regular readers and might even link back to one of your posts bringing you more readers.
  7. Encourage comments on your blog
    If visitors to your blog sees other readers commenting, they will get the feeling that your blog is important and will stick around more to read other posts. If they like the content they are likely to become regular readers.To encourage comments you can simply pose a question in a blog post. When you get comments respond to them to keep the conversation going.
  8. Take part in Blog Networks
    Submitting your blog to blog networks like, and is another way to get more readers. These networks make your blog easier to find and search for as well. After you sign up for an account on their website, you just need to copy a bit of code and paste it somewhere on your blog.
  9. Take part in Blog traffic Exchange communities
    You can also take part in Blog traffic Exchange communities like: 

    To join these blog traffic exchange communities – visit the site, sign up, confirm your account, add your blog to the member directory and then start visiting other member’s blogs.

    Basically, you need to earn “credits” in order to get blog traffic exposure. These credits are often gained by visiting other member’s blogs. When you have enough credits, your blog becomes eligible for promotion. Usually, a link or graphic to your blog will be shown on the main site or in fellow member’s blogs. This is how other people find your blog.

    Of course, the more members there are in the community, the more potential visitors. So, if you are part of a blog traffic community, it’good to promote the communities you belong to as well. Besides, when you promote the community through a referral system, you get more credits too.

  10. Submit your Tutorial articles to a Blog Carnival
    A blog carnival is a blog post that summarizes a collection of articles from many different blogs on a specific topic. The idea here is to collect some of the best content on a topic in a given week. Often many other blogs link back to a carnival host and the people that have articles featured in the carnival receive a few new readers. You can also find a list of all the carnivals to submit your articles at the Carnival Submit Form.
  11. Submit your articles to EzineArticles
    Submit your Tutorial articles to Ezine Articles. Your article then becomes available to other people who can republish them on their website or in their newsletter while linking back to you. If your article is republished on a site with good traffic, you will get a lot of new readers at once.
  12. Tag Technorati
    Technorati is one of the best traffic providers for bloggers. People find your blogs easily when they search by technorati tags. Technorati will rank your blog based on the number of links from other websites.The higher your rank the easier your blog is to find when people search for things.If you do not have a Technorati account, signup here. After you have setup the main settings, such as your profile, you need to claim your blog. 

    Make good use of Technorati tags by tagging every keyword in each of your posts. If you use WordPress, I recommend Ultimate Tag Warrior (UTW) which makes tagging Technorati a lot easier.

    By tagging your post effectively you will get a lot of new readers to your blog. Selecting the right tags is not easy though. You can use the Tag Suggestion Tools for good suggestion of tags.

Update your Blog daily and keep an eye on your Blog stats to see which articles has the most pageviews. Write more on these articles and watch your readers grow.

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