Feedvertising – RSS Advertising Technology

Text Link Ads offers a new way to earn with Your blogs — Feedvertising – ads will appear inside Your blog’s RSS-feed.

Look, what they say about Feedvertising benefits for bloggers:

  • It’s free. Use Feedvertising to expand your income without ever spending a dime.
  • It’s flexible. Sell ads in-house, opt into our marketplace to get help selling ad spots, promote affiliate programs or your other blogs, or use a combination of all of the above to maximize your sales and exposure. It’s totally up to you.
  • It’s clean. We all know that site visitors prefer text links over banners and buttons, and the same is true for your feed. Use Feedvertising’s pure HTML text link ads and get better response.
  • It’s predictable. No variable CPM rates or cost-per-click systems to worry about — just predictable flat rate pricing.

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