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Earn Money on eBay Without Selling

Thursday, January 10th, 2008

Getting started with the eBay affiliate program is as simple as 4 easy steps. eBay knows you have a business to run, so they have created a step-by-step guide to see you down the road of success. With the eBay Affiliate Program, you could bring in an extra $25,000 a month, as well as gain access to many tools and strategies that will optimize the working of your website, its effectiveness with search engines and on the Web in general. Getting started in a successful venture has never been so easy.

Step# 1

To register for the eBay Affiliate Program simply go to the dedicated area on the eaby site and do a little research. When you have seen the unlimited opportunities for success that the eBay Affiliate program affords its members, you will next want to click on the ‘API Program Join Now’ button. At this point you will be prompted to select the platform you would like to join with. The platform you choose will influence the tier and type of business your eBay Affiliate Status becomes. Each platform offers unique advantages, and should be considered carefully. Once you have selected your program platform, simply click the Join Now button for that particular platform.

Step# 2

After you have completed your application, the eBay Affiliate network you choose will send you an email with your login details and instructions on getting started. The application process itself is easy, and simply requires some information about your business. This information helps eBay optimize the tools and guidelines they provide you for your success. The application takes only a few minutes, and is not sold to competitors. The Affiliate network you chose will be in touch with your personal information and you can get started with your successful new venture.

Step# 3

Once you have received your password and login information, you can proceed to the affiliate network site to find eBay banners, text links, and search boxes. This website offers detailed tracking statistics. The tracking statistics will help you see which products and companies are performing best. This information will help guide you as you develop your affiliation with eBay, and will enable you to make the best decisions for your website’s performance.

Step# 4

The last step to success with the eBay Affiliate Program is to further grow your eBay strategy using the affiliate website and all of its many features. The affiliate website will not only get you started down your road to success with eBay, but they will provide you with invaluable tools to maximize your strategy. These tools and kits will help you transition into the affiliate member you want to be, and will continue to keep you updated so you stay current with trends and technology.

Step# 5

Use one of the following ready-to-use website-bulders to get more income from being eBay affiliate:

Discover eBay secrets from learning programs:

These 5 easy steps take you from learning about the eBay Affiliate Program, to being a super successful eBay affiliate.

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Paid Blog Options – How to Earn More From Your Blog Posts

Wednesday, January 2nd, 2008

Are you looking for side income from your online business? Perhaps you take the time to blog every day, but wish there was a way to earn more money from the work you do on your blog? Or maybe your blog is your whole website and you need it to be more profitable? These are proven tactics for producing profit from blogging.

1. Add clickbank links to your blog posts. With just a little bit of ingenuity you can increase passive cash flow from your blog with clickbank links that sell product from your valuable content.

2. Monetize with Adsense. Using Google Adsense you can add click through links that pay you per click to your website with high quality content and viable resource options on the website. Be sure to follow the Adsense Guidelines and keep your content fresh.

3. Offer an Ezine Subscription to your readers to bring them back. Syndicate your blog directly to their email with an Ezine publication each time you blog. They come back, you offer more options, and your passive income streams increase.

4. Be real. Let your reader know it’s a real person blogging, not just another robot blogger posting drivel from ezine article marketing sites with substandard links. Occasionally (if not more frequently) post something that tells your reader there’s a real person behind the blog.

5. Invite comments or feedback from your readers. The comment forms on the bottom are not intended for robots to leave scam messages on your blog, they are meant for readers to live valid comments and links extending a conversation. Tell your readers occasionally to LEAVE A COMMENT.

Are you ready to make some serious money from your blog?

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